There can be multiple ways of achieving a goal. But we select the Smartest way!


Out of all possible variables, security is something which we do not compromise!


Fulfilling the needs is a given, but we thrive for the enhanced value!


Your business is critical; that’s why we are there to support you!

About Secvision

Secvision was started in 2015, to provide “CCTV Solutions” for domestic customers. The objective was to combine technology and physics that creates a solution which cater practical needs of the customers and add value.

Since then, we have grown up to an organization, which provide solution in multiple technology verticals including Infrastructure, IT Security and Customer Experience Management.

We believe that every solution, which we provide should be Smarter and Secure than what is commonly available and it should not only satisfy customers’ primary need, but give them a better value.

We understand that the most important rule to follow is “always ensure a better customer experience”. We are ready to do it and help our customers to pass it to their customers.

Smart Home

By definition, smart homes use the flexibility introduced by the IoT enabled devices to communicate between each other and provide more control to the residents. In general; lighting, air conditioning and electronic devices are given control as a part of Smart Homes concept. But we add another dimension, “Security” to make home not only smart but secure.

Smart Enterprises

Data has become the biggest asset of today’s enterprises. They spend lot of resources including time and money to generate useful data from different points of business transactions. Then they need to transport this large amount of data, store them and then analyze them to serve the customer in a better way. In other words, to ensure a better customer experience. Modern day enterprises use a large variety of tools to implement this process. Below are some of the solution, which we are providing you to achieve this goal.

IT Infrastructure

Active & Passive Infrastructure solutions

Firewall Solutions

WiFi Solutions

IP Telephony Solutions

Customer Experience Management

IT Asset Management Solutions

Software Solutions for any platform

Application Performance Management Solutions

Network Monitoring Solutions

IT Helpdesk Solutions

Service Assurance

Data Center Management Systems

IT as a Managed Service

Software & Database Management

Facilities Management Systems

Automated Energy Management System

Surveillance Solutions

CCTV Solutions

Video Analytics

Access Control Systems

Smart Telco

Customer Experience Management is one of the key differentiators, in modern day Telecommunication Industry. Given the fact that traditional telecommunication service providers are not just providing the last mile, but providing lot more service, Customer Experience Management has become a key success factor.

With increasing demand on "Time Sensitive Applications" such as video, voice over Internet (OTT) it’s important to monitor the quality of the core, transportation and access networks. In addition, it’s important to manage the customer premise equipment in order to ensure the end to end quality of service.


Smart Home

Residence of Mr. Nishantha Perera

Smart Home

Residence of Mr. Sasanka Gunawardena

Smart Enterprise

Litro Gas Lanka Ltd

Smart Enterprise

SSP Corporate Services

Smart Enterprise

Sri Lanka Renewable Energy Authority

Smart Enterprise

Ministry of Finance

Smart Enterprise

Ilma International Girls School